You Would Never Miss This – Cara Delevingne ENGAGED to St. Vincent?


It looks like another celebrity couple may be soon to walk down the aisle.

Cara Delevingne and the singer St. Vincent – real name Annie Clark – have been dating for the past 18 months, and now it looks as though they may be planning to get hitched.

A recent photo of the 23-year-old model show her rocking what appears to be a very large engagement ring.

Last year, there were reports that Delevingne and Clark were already married, but it now looks as though that wasn’t the case.

Now, however, rumors that they’ve made plans to tie the knot are circulating online, and neither party has contradicted them.

This may be one of those cases where you can take their silence as a tacit confirmation.

Or not.

Cara and Annie have made every effort to keep their relationship private, and this might just be their way of continuing that trend.

The couple remained silent amidst rumors that they had broken up earlier this year, and enjoyed the last laugh when they were spotted canoodling in public a few weeks later.

We still don’t know if the rumors were bogus, or if Cara and Annie simply decided to get back together.

So we might not know if they’re planning to get married until after the ceremony takes place.

We’d say we might nor even know then, but given how many celebrity friends these two have, it seems unlikely they’d be able to keep their wedding under wraps.

We’ll just go ahead and offer them our congrats on the engagement just to be safe.