Watch: Man Gives Up Added Sugar & Alcohol For A Month



We live in a world where added sugar seems to exist in almost everything we eat. We also live in a world where the consumption of alcohol is not only common, but widely celebrated.

With that being the case, for most of us its hard to imagine going even a single day without consuming at least one of these two addictive items. What if we were asked to go without them for an entire month?

Thats the challenge that Sacha Harland of embarked upon in hopes of determining how much of an effect this dietary change would have on his physical and mental well-being. To help quantify these differences, Sacha visited a local sports physician both before and after the experiment to get his reading on several key measures of wellness, including, but not limited to: weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

What Sacha didnt anticipate was how difficult this change would be, and how much determination he would need to make it possible. Check out his incredible journey through the following video:

Aside from the substantial improvements in these several measures of physical wellness, what particularly stood out for me from Sachas experience was the change in his craving level. What started out as a major form of withdrawal, punctuated by a consistent feeling of hunger, slowly transitioned into a lack of desire for the sugary foods he was once used to consuming.

His ability to reach this state reminds us that there is no change we cannot make, we just need the mental fortitude to break through what has become habitual.

While the changes may seem impossible at first, persisting through them allows us to once again make these foods into what I believe they are best consumed as: an occasional treat. While our bodies are more than likely much better off not consuming them altogether, you cant help but believe they are better capable of handling them in moderation.

To better explain the impact that sugar has on our bodies, I encourage you all to check out this article, based upon an infographic, that illustrates what exactly happens to our body after we consume it.

Sugar Is Everywhere

While many of us, myself included, may have the desire and intention to minimize our added sugar intake, the biggest challenge as Sacha himself experienced is that it is everywhere. From processed foods, to drinks, to even condiments, everything seems to be made more flavourful through added sugar, and in most cases in very large quantities.

(One thing that is important to clarify is that added sugar does not include fruits, which can often be quite high in sugar content. Unlike refined sugars, fruits contain within them the dietary fiber necessary to properly digest their sugar, and therefore do not have the same effect on your body.)

While the battle against added sugar in so much of what we have available to us may seem like an uphill battle, the more of us who shift our consumption away from it, the more the market is pressured to shift along with us, ultimately making their avoidance easier in the long run.

And the easiest way to avoid added sugars? Prepare your meals at home using whole foods ingredients. Doing so will soon become just as habitual as your old ways of eating, but significantly more rewarding. Your body, your tastebuds, and your wallet will thank you!

Let Sachas commitment and experience inspire you to make a shift in your own life. Even if your change starts with something as simple as a single day per week it can still make a difference.

If you do try it out, be sure to observe how your body feels at all times to see whether or not it has an impact on you. And if it does, noticing the difference may be all the inspiration you need to make the change that much more drastic.

Also, sugar and food addiction is one of the leading challenges in weight loss. You can check out this free webinar here for more information on the topic and how you can kick the addiction!