Utahs Rep. Jason Chaffetz to Challenge Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker Seat


Sunday the announcement came that Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz is officially running for John Boehners soon to be vacant House Speaker seat.

During the announcement Chaffetz stated that he is running for the seat and plans on tackling the toughest issues facing the United States of America. The official news of his decision broke Sunday as he told Fox News of his intentions, though rumors of his candidacy have been circulating since last week.

While interviewing with Politico over the weekend, Chaffetz made the case that one could argue he has stronger support than McCarthy given his experience on the House Oversight Committee, as well as the time he has spent as chairman of the Government Reform Committee.

The American people have entrusted Republicans with the largest majority since the 1920s, but with that majority comes a responsibility to get the job done that we were elected to do. I came to Congress to help fix problems, and as Speaker I will fight every day to make that happen. Chaffetz stated to Fox News.

Via CBSNews

There are very few people who can win the support of our hardcore conservatives and yet be palatable to our more moderate members, he said. The question is who can help unite the party and bridge the divide and I hope they see me as the person that will give everyone a fair shake.

Chaffetz praised McCarthy for helping to win the Republican majority, but also said that too many members wont promote him to speaker just because the position is open.

Chaffetzs run for the top seat comes just as McCarthy continues to receive flak for comments that politicized the Houses select panel investigating 2011s Benghazi terror attacks.