Usain Bolt Gets Run Over By A Segway Seconds After Winning Gold


A cameraman has been left red faced after crashing into Usain Bolt seconds after he won a gold medal.

He might be the fastest man in the world but it appears Bolt is unable to dodge a Segway.


Moments after the Jamaican superstar sprinted over the 200m mark in 19.55 seconds, he was taken to the ground by a careless photographer.

Luckily both escaped the collision unharmed but it could have a tragic ending if damage had been done to Bolts gold medal winning legs.

But the worlds best sprinter took the incident with a pinch of salt and got off the ground, checked for injury and then joked: He tried to kill me! I dont know what he was going on. It was like: You are winning too much take him out!

At least now we know there is a way to stop Usain Bolt.