UNBRIDLED PREMEDITATED SAVAGERY: 4 Job Corp Students Hack 17 Yr Old With Machete, Bury Him Alive


I cant even begin to fathom the level of blood lust it took to carry out such an unspeakable act. And then to have sex near the murder scene afterwards in what can only be described as an act of depraved celebration.

The devaluation of human life is partly to blame IMHO. *Cough* Planned Parenthood baby butchers *cough*.

Blood chilling.

Via the Miami Herald:

Three Homestead Job Corps students have confessed to a plot to lure a teen to the woods, where he was repeatedly hacked with a machete and forced into a shallow grave as he lay mortally wounded, police revealed on Wednesday.

The sickening details were included in an arrest report for a fourth student, Desiray Strickland, 18, who was detained on Wednesday and charged with her alleged role in the savage June murder of 17-year-old Jose Amaya Guardado.

The arrest report reads like a scene from the classic novel Lord of the Flies. During the carnage, Strickland complained that she had missed the first series of machete strikes because she had walked away for a few minutes to urinate in the woods, according to the arrest report.

jose guardado 2

Victim 17-year-old Jose Amaya Guardado

After the group of students buried Jose and cleaned up the bloody scene, [Desiray] Strickland and accused ringleader Kaheem Arbelo stayed in the woods to have sex before returning to the Job Corps campus, the report said.

Miami-Dade police homicide detectives last week arrested [Kaheem] Arbelo, 20, a suspected drug dealer at the school; Jonathan Lucas, 18; and Christian Colon, 19. A fifth suspect is expected to be arrested in the coming days.
The four are now being held in Miami-Dade jails to await trial on charges of second-degree murder. All of them are adults, meaning they could be eligible for indictment for first-degree murder and the death penalty.

All of the young people, including Guardado, were students at Homestead Job Corps, a live-in school and vocational training program run by the U.S. Department of Labor.
According to Stricklands arrest report, the group conspired to plan the murder about two weeks before the killing of the bespectacled teen. A few days before the murder, the group even dug the grave and hid a machete in the brush, Miami-Dade Detective Juan Segovia wrote in the arrest report.

On the night of June 28 [2015], they lured Jose to the woods and ambushed the victim with blows that caused massive injuries. As he was dying, the students ordered Jose to lie in the grave.

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Featured image: Perps left to right: Desiray Strickland, Kaheem Arbelo, Christian Colon, and Jonathan Lucas.