This Gay Man Took 4 Orphans In His Home! OMG… This Is Just…


This is a devastating story. A true horror story about foster children living in hell. This is a story that will make you feel helpless, you will cry and you will be angry. But in the end this is the world we are living in and changes in that world are hard, slow and most of the time almost impossible.

The story begins many, many years ago with Rob Scheer. He was the youngest of 10 children in an abusive home. He remembers how his father held a gun to his or his siblings’ heads and shouting “Which kid do you want me to shoot first”. His father and mother would laugh the children’s faces, frozen in fear. He remembers the physical and sexual abuse and that the happiest day in his young life was when his parents died.

But his life didn’t improve much. He was taken to foster care, and the mental abuse there was devastating. Even now, when Rob talks about this time in his life tears break and flow down his cheeks. The whole story will break your heart. There wouldn’t be any wonder if he had turned into a psychopath or a drug addict. But he didn’t. When he turned 18 he became homeless and jobless. What happened next is just amazing. This guy should be a role model for everybody.

Like every horror story, this one also has a happy ending. After going through hell Rob turned his life around and didn’t let his dreadful experience to define him. He started by joining the military and then he started working in an office. But the one thing that truly changed his life forever is when he found the love of his life – Reece. That’s right. Rob is gay! What he did next will make you cry. This is just unbelievable.

Rob and Reece started living together, and soon enough Rob wanted to have kids. Of course the only way was adoption. But that wasn’t as easy as someone might think. At last Reece and Rob managed to adopt 2 problem kids in foster care. Only several weeks later they adopted two other kids. When they walked through their front door Rob was stunned. Suddenly all his memories of living in foster care came back to him and it was awful. What happened next is just amazing.

Watch this video and see if you can stop your tears. This emotional story will bring your faith in humanity back →

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