This Dog Was Once Abused And Neglected…Now She’s Picking Out Her Very First Toy


Neglected, abused, malnourished, and stuck inside a cage, this poor pup spent the first year of her life only knowing sadness. Even when she was rescued and brought to a Los Angles shelter, she was deemed “too terrified for adoption” and therefore put on a list to be euthanized. Thankfully, a kind stranger brought her to the understanding arms of her foster dad, Brian Beker, before that could happen.

After she successfully recovered from her wounds and atrophied muscles, the happy girl, now going by Roo, was given a special treat: her very first toy. Beker brought her to the pet store and allowed her to make the decision all by herself. And Roo took her time making sure it was the perfect toy.

“Hm, what’s over here? Nah.”

"Hm, what's over here? Nah."

“Maybe one of these…nope.”

"Maybe one of these...nope."

“Nice…but not quite right.”

"Nice...but not quite right."

Watch the video to see her final decision:


You can read more about Roo’s difficult road to find love and happiness in Beker’s book, Notes from a Dog Rescue in Progress. Hopefully it will inspire more of us to help keep dogs from the tragic ending she was so close to having herself.