The Media Tried to Decide Who Won the Debate But Heres What America Says



While pundits make their various picks about who won last nights CNN presidential debate, Americans have weighed in, and the results couldnt be more different.

Donald Trump won the debate by a healthy margin over his two closest competitors, according to a Google Consumer Surveys poll for Independent Journal.

Which candidate on the stage last night won the debate, in your opinion?


The poll was started after the conclusion of CNNs debate on Tuesday, and was completed early Wednesday afternoon. It featured 1,059 likely Republican primary voters.

That lines up closely with recent nationwide polling showing Trump with a massive lead over his competitors. While Ben Carson briefly led Trump as recently as November, The Donald now has twice the support of Sen. Ted Cruz, the candidate at second place in the polls. Carson, meanwhile, has slid to fourth place overall.


Coming into the debate, Trump was widely expected to spar with Cruz, who finished third in the Independent Journal poll.

However, the two were mostly peaceful with each other, as Cruzs fire was mostly aimed at Sen. Marco Rubio, and Trumps dustups came at the hands of Jeb Bush.

Trumps campaign recently came under fire from conservative stalwarts such as Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin for his comments about Cruz and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

His campaign has been been called fascist and compared to Nazis for his plan to temporarily bar Muslims from entering the country, labeled racist for for his remarks while promoting a wall to keep Mexican immigrants from entering the U.S., accused of sexism for his social media campaign against Megyn Kelly and accused of smearing heroes for his remarks about Sen. John McCain.

But none of that has stopped The Donald, who has steamrolled through each obstacle along the way.

The next debate will be held on Jan. 14 in South Carolina, and the Iowa caucuses are just 2 weeks later, on Feb 1.