Texas School Joins PC Dark Side Bans Kids Star Wars Shirt Because it Depicts Storm Trooper Holding a Gun


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It would appear that I find myself composing an article about public-school lunacy that provokes me to consider that one will not be topped by anything else. Then your subsequent month a tale falls that covers the remainder.

Weve seen children barred for keeping their hands biting on their pop tarts into weapon designs and keeping stays like guns. However now a college has barred Star Wars t shirts that display any figures with guns.


And allows not overlook these are tools that are imaginary. Meaning, the showing isnt a weapon that is real. Its science-fiction for crying aloud!

This occurred in a Florida Junior High-School and also the pupils father required within the chaos to Facebook. Heres what he explained.

Star Wars top barred at college! Our boy arrived home from George Junior High School in Rosenberg, TX, and advised me he might no further use this top to college (which he’s often) since the Stormtrooper includes a weapon! How ridiculous!

Heres the image that is entire he published.


Great grief.