OMG! What This Nurse Is Doing To This Old Lady On Her Deathbed Is Just… You Won’t Believe It.


This Nurse was found staying next to a dying woman in a hospice. What he was doing will leave you breathless. This is just too much to bear!

Have you ever lost faith in humanity? It’s not very hard to dislike your own species when you are traveling in the busy big city, or when you turn on the news on the TV and see the atrocities humanity is capable of. In this cruel world all you have is your family and your friends and those are the only people you should trust.
This would be true if there weren’t stories like this one. Chuck wanted to check his mother in the hospice, where she was living her last days under medical supervision. He has gone to her every day, but when he entered her room today he was stunned. A male nurse was standing right next to her bed. When he saw what he was doing, tears burst out of his eyes there was nothing he could say. He just stood there, watched and recorded, so that everyone could see it. And it was amazing.

When Mary was admitted to Austinburg Rehab & Nursing Center in Austinburg, OH, everyone knew that this is going to be her last home. Coincidentally Joshua Woodard worked there as a hospice aide. He knew the woman since he was 9. Joshua was a student of Mary’s in the days when she taught piano and voice. He instantly recognized his teacher and every day when he was at work, he went to Ms. Mary and serenaded her. When Chuck entered the room he saw Joshua staying next to his mom’s bed and singing “How Great Thou Art”. Mary was enjoying this spectacular moment, this concert, made just for her.

You simply MUST watch this breathtaking moment:

My faith in humanity was restored instantly, and tears are trying to rush out of my eyes. This sensation is simply indescribable.

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