OMG! – Watch The Soul-Crushing Moment This ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Realizes She Lost


Every now and then we get a Jeopardy! clip that’s so hilarious or awkward that we can’t help but share it because, let’s face it, everyone loves a great Jeopardy! moment. For example, there was that wonderful week that America fell in love with a contestant named Leonard, and of course there was the Turd Ferguson girl, who won our hearts but ultimately lamented her newfound Internet fame. Becoming a viral Jeopardy! star can often be a double-edged sword, but in today’s case, we just can’t help but feel terrible for Monikka Mann, who gave us a classic Jeopardy! reaction when she realized just how close she came to defeating defending champion Pranjal “The Indian Kyrie Irving” Vachaspati.

The Final Jeopardy answer for Tuesday night’s edition was: “On his 1849 death, it was said he was ‘regarded rather with curiosity than admiration’ and ‘few will be grieved.’ ” Monikka gave the correct answer — “Who is Edgar Allan Poe?” – and she added $7,500 to her total, but she would still need a miracle mistake from Pranjal to become the winner. Oh-so-close but no cigar. Pranjal incorrectly named Henry David Thoreau and wagered and lost $7,000, but still beat Monikka by just $300. Again, her reaction is one for the ages…

Pranjal is a six-day champion and his total earnings are $137,088. Good for him, but it’s Monikka who won our hearts.