OMG! This Is Something Magical, Don’t Miss The Middle One. WOW


Have you ever wondered what Heaven would look like? This question has stumbled millions of people around the world for more than two millennia. Well I don’t have the answer, but when I watched this video I thought I saw Heaven. When you watch the video I’m sure you will.

Some people say that a woman can have anyone she wants in her feet. Even the strongest man can’t escape her godlike powers. When I watch the video I have no doubts that these words are true. Are you wondering what are these girls doing? No! They are not naked, they don’t strip. They are not touching anyone, they aren’t even looking at you at first. They are just dancing. But when they move their bodies you can’t move, you can’t talk, and you can’t do anything, except feeling stunned and mesmerized.

What are they dancing, you might wonder? They are performing the dance of love.

This is the truth. Kizomba is called the dance of love for a reason. Originally the dance is for couples, but in recent years is more popular as an aerobics session for women. But it evolved beyond that. Now this dance of love deserves its name to full extend. At most recent times women around the world use it to captivate and enchant whomever they please.Within a minute they can seduce to the point madness even the biggest macho man.

Don’t confuse it with Zumba, which is much more dynamic. Kizomba is the African tango. In Kizomba there are no sudden moves, everything is smooth, every move is temptation, and every glance is a whisper that you can’t stop listening to. You just stand still and pray to God to hold this moment forever.

I DARE you! Watch this video and tell me that I’m not right →

Tell me you watched it just once. I double dare you! You can’t, because it would be a lie. The girls in this video are like sea sirens. Once you are under their enchantment you can never escape.
Now enjoy the second group of sirens →

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