Man Discovers Dog Training Secrets in abandoned Notebook


Owning a dog or puppy can be one of the most stressful things, but thankfully there are a few simple DOs and DON’Ts. Here they are.


Myth: Shouting or screaming at a dog works.

False! The more you shout at a dog, the more they become used to it, and slowly starting to ignore it. It makes you stressed and look like a mean dog owner. In reality the answer is gaining the trust of your dog so they choose to follow you.

The Secret:

Don’t expect your dog to behave, act and think like a human would. And worse, treating your dog like you would treat a human. This is where a lot of dog behaviour issues can come from, and why it’s hard to fix them with this perspective.

The right perspective to come from is thinking what your dog is going to respond to, and being the natural pack leader for him or her. Without being the pack leader you’ll never win your dogs trust, and will never be able to properly train them.

And here is how to be the pack leader:

  • Control the food
  • Take care of danger
  • Who is in charge (does your dog listen to you, or you to him, who walks whom?)

It’s simple but important, and a lot of it is about your behaviour, not some fancy tricks like clickers. Behave like you’re in charge and your dog will follow.