Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Call it Quits!


miley-cyrus-y-liam-hemsworthSo far 2013 hasnt been too kind to young celebrity couples, its already claimed Gomez and Bieber, Stewart and Pattinson and now the youngest Hemsworth and Cyrus.

Whatever it was that Liam Hemsworths older brothers had to say to him weeks earlier when they allegedly staged an intervention to convince him not to go ahead with his marriage plans to Cyrus apparently struck home since Us Weekly is reporting the couple has called it quits.

Theyd been together for four years since they met on the set of The Last Song (2009) and this isnt the first time theyve been reported to be broken up, rumors have been arising ever since Hemsworths had to go away to shoot The Hunger Games, but multiple inside sources are confirming this time the rumors arent simply that.

To complicate things further, for some unknown reason the pair is still living together (were prepared to stake our reputations here that it isnt lack of cash) although sleeping in different bedrooms, so well probably be hearing rumors of them getting back together soon if that doesnt change. Also, Hannah Montana hasnt yet returned her 3.5 carat diamond engagement ring, that must make for some awkward talk over the dinner table.