Kids These Days Just Don’t Know How To Wear Their Pants.

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11. That’s not really a great strategy. For anybody.

That is not a good idea. For anyone.

12. … … …

... ... ...

13. Just by sporting one kind of pant you might have resolved this.

You could have solved this by just wearing one type of pant.

14. … Do it now.

... go for it.

15. I’ll never understand style.

I will never understand fashion.

16. Trousers: they ought to not suspend in the leg.

Pants: they should not hang from the knee.

17. I wear”t believe she’s trousers on.

PSST, I don

18. Actually this is disapproved of by Hammer.

Even MC Hammer disapproves of this.

19. UGH.


I never understood people might really crash at sporting anything as easy as trousers. I suppose you discover anything fresh (and thus, so discouraging) every single day. By hitting below reveal these legendary trousers fails!

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