Justin Bieber Nails An Impromptu Performance At The W Hotel’s Jazz Night! Watch Our Front Row Video!


Justin Bieber got the club going up on a Sunday, and it was glorious.

Who could ever have a case of the Sunday blues when you can get your dose of the blues on Sunday?

Well, Los Angelenos come from far and wide on Sunday to the W Hotel for their weekly jazz night. And yesterday’s performance was especially noteworthy.

If having the incredible singer Nikki Leonti of Nikki & Rich fame onstage wasn’t enough of a bonus for those watching the sights and sounds of this past Sunday’s Jazz night, well, make sure you’re sitting down, because guess what?

Justin Bieber came onstage and absolutely killed it. No, seriously, you’re going to want to see FirstSlice‘s exclusive front row footage of him belting, riffing, and pretty much being the king of jazz.

Yes, you read that right: first… row.. footage. Talk about a memorable weekend!

Wearing his now trademark wide brimmed hat, Justin brought down the house, and left everything on the floor when it came to his powerful crooning.

So what are you still doing? Why haven’t you pressed play yet? Get to it. We’ve got all the Biebs you need right here.