Incredible! – Cristiano Ronaldo Was Caught Publicly Masticating Poolside As His Bros Watched


Soccer hottie Cristiano Ronaldo was hanging out at a pool in Miami over the weekend…
…when he decided to publicly masticate in front of a few of his bros as they eagerly watched.

One married bro, in particular, seemed to enjoy watching the soccer star publicly masticate, as he was spotted leaning over Cristiano’s chair to get a nice peek.

Even though it seemed like his friends wanted to join in and mutually masticate with the soccer star, Cristiano didn’t invite his bros to join in…

…Cristiano only masticated solo.

We don’t know how long it took for Cristiano to masticate but we do know he used a napkin to wipe off once he finished.

Though his bros seemed exhausted after they watched Cristiano publicly masticate, only smiles were left on their faces after it was over.

King of public mastication.