Heres what happens when you put an ice cube at this point on your head



This may visit a tad insane in the beginning but wait until it tries.

That one solution can make you depart you experiencing saturated in existence and power and appear newer? All that’s necessary is definitely some occasions of your energy and an ice-cube!

There’s a place in the neck referred to as the Fu’s foot, the Fu pressure-point is located at the very top of the throat just beneath the underside form of the skull-cap in the foot of the head. Your body starts to refresh should you frequently place snow onto it and you’ll end up pleasant wholesome, and active.


You location an ice-cube in the point-of Fu, and lay in your belly and maintain it. You are able to possibly repair it there or lay there having a scarf bandage or plastic cover.

Do that frequently with pauses of 2-3 times prior to going to sleep and get it done each morning on a clear belly and during the night. After 30-40 seconds, you’ll experience minor warmth come onto the purpose. Because of the launch of hormones, you’ll possess a sensation of excitement within the first times.

What’ll it do?

Enhance sleep quality

Enhance feeling

Recover the digestive tract

Reduce colds

Reduction of complications, toothaches, and discomfort

It can benefit:

Respiratory illnesses

Cardiovascular disease

Thyroid problems


Menstrual period



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Ice cube healing method

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