Guy Takes A Selfie Every Day For 16 Years, And His Compilation Of Them Is Like Flying Through A Time Machine




How many selfies would you say you take in the span of a year? Youve got your seasonal selfiesyou with fall foliage, the beach in the summer, or the first snow of winter. Then theres novelty selfies, for when youre trying the MyIdol app or testing out Microsofts age robot. New relationship selfies, newly single selfies, friends in town selfiesyou see my point, they add up. But what if they were adding up for a ~greater purpose~? This guy took a selfie everyday for 16 years and the end result, my friends, is a masterpiece.

JK Keller is an Alaska-based artist who took the same selfie, from the same angle, every day for the last 16 years. He now has over 5,000 photos, which he compiled into a video he posted on Vimeo.


Can you imagine documenting the changes of your life through a daily photo? Keller switches from contacts, to glasses, to new glasses. He experiments with facial hair. Grows his hair long and reveals that his curls are, in fact, nicer than mine. Then he goes through an orange glasses phase, which is pretty dope. Sports some facial hair that makes him look vaguely French. Shaves it. Casual.

Watch this man age 16 years in under four minutes:


Youve got to hand it to this guy. Is there anything youve been disciplined enough to do everyday for the last 16 years? Other than brush your teeth? Hes also a pretty forward thinker. He clearly anticipated trends like 100 Happy Days or the #SelfieLoveProject about 15 years before they happened. Could he even be…the original inventor of the selfie?