Five Tricks To Get Yourself Free Goodies From IKEA


Our first and easiest tip is for you to become an Ikea Family card member, then around your birthday you will get in your email a free voucher for £5 off without minimum spend conditions, which you can use during the next 28 days. Check the email’s subject line which will mention something about a treat from the Ikea Family.

How can you get this voucher?

They will tell you via email if you got a voucher added to your account, but you’ll need to go additionally to the store in order to print it from their machine.

Check out Ikea for full coupon T&Cs for additional information.

Get a FREE cup of coffee (or tea) during weekdays in IKEA

Mon to Fri


Did you know that during your IKEA store you can get a free cup of tea or coffee by just swiping your Family card in the in-store restaurant.

Get this deal any time from Monday to Friday, this deal doesn’t work for weekends and according to IKEA you need only one family card to get free drinks for everyone that comes with you. Just in case, the staff could get a bit shocked if you turn up with all your friends and family all wanting the free drink!

Ikea store special offers – Find your nearest Ikea using below

A lot of the Ikea’s discounts are specific to each store, make sure to check which ones are available by visiting the swedish retailer online site.


What are the top benefits of this loyalty card?

  • You will get reduced price on several ‘Family’ lines
  • You get product insurance for free!
  • An additional 10% discount on current items on sale
  • Special restaurant deals every month

Charge Your Electric Car for Free at all stores


Driving a clean electric car? make sure in your next IKEA visit to use the free charging stations while you are shopping. There are several ones available that can be found each one of the stores.

According to IKEA, its ‘rapid-charging’ stations can reload a small vehicle from empty to full in just half an hour and totally free!