Exposed: Dan Bilzerian actually does THIS!


Probably you’ve seen the pictures of Dan Bilzerian, the famous flashy Instagram millionaire, all over social media. Besides posing with half naked women, he’s been posting dozens of images with expensive cars, his private yet, his villa in Los Angeles, as well as a lot of guns.


According to his own statement in several interviews he made his fortune playing Poker professionally. But is that really the truth behind his according to Wikipedia $100.000.000 net worth?

It’s a lot compared to other Poker Pros. For example Antonio Esfandiari, who is one of the worlds best players and has been playing for 12 years professional, “only” has a net worth of $17.000.000. So how did Dan manage to make so much more money in a much shorter time? Or is his poker story just a big lie?

So far nobody has been able to prove Dan Bilzerian is a liar, but there are some theories and evidence.

1. Dan’s name has never been very popular in Poker circles before his breakthrough in Social Media, at which time he already bragged about his $100m net worth. As we already showed making $100m playing poker is a very impressive achievement, one that certainly draws a lot of attention. Bilzerian has never been in the spotlight for his big winnings before his breakthrough though. That’s suspicious.

2. It is confirmed that Dan’s father has had access to many millions of dollars, which he made two decades ago through fraud an scams. He was sent to prison, but a big share of his money was never recovered or paid back to the victims. Some speculate Dan Bilzerian has access to his dad’s treasure chest. There is no proof yet. We can recommend you this article from the Wall Street Journal on Dan’s father.


Although we can not provide a clear conclusion at this point, we hope this gives you something to think about. Dan Bilzerian is certainly either not as rich or not as “clean” as he tries to make everyone believe.