A Nervous Girl Overcomes Her Fears To Wow Simon Cowell With Her Amazing Voice


Twenty-three-year-old Emma Jones looked terrified when she first appeared on the stage of Britain”s Got Talent. The nervous girl hoped to earn a place in the competition, but she could barely speak as the judges started asking her questions.

That all changed, however, when the music started playing and she began to sing like an angel, wowing everyone with her truly stunning rendition of “Ave Maria.” Best of all, Emma even managed to win over the always-critical Simon Cowell. Watch her amazing performance below.

(source Britain”s Got Talent)

That performance was fantastic, and Emma should be really proud of being able to perform like that in front of so many people. I really don”t know what was sweeter: her voice, or her incredible reaction to the applause. Either way, it was a performance Emma and her audience will remember forever.

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